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The Cine5 is the world's most compact 5-channel speaker, indulging PC user in true surround sound pleasure. With an all-in-one design and Hi-Fi audio output, the Cine5 solves the problem of messy cables and bulky speakers by integrating 5.1 cinematic sounds into a single speaker system. Cine5 also delivers accurate, pin-point surround sound in personal spaces such as a study room.

When I bought my laptop, it had wonderful sound, but after using it for a while, the sound stopped working. What happened, and how do I fix it? - Asus F6A-X2 Repair

I own a Asus Laptop (Windows 10) and recently i have updated to build 1511, and there is no audio coming through my speakers, i have changed drivers, uninstalled, and re-installed them, and still noth

The Asus G752 is the first system we've tested with a mobile GTX 1070. Should you hop aboard the 10 series hype train, or is this just another incremental upgrade with no real improvements?

Hello evryone.. please help me about the audio problem i can't hear sound at all at my g74 speakers. Even i was remove and reinstal the audio driver from asus but i still can't hear the sound at all at the speakers.... please.. for help...

Sorry if speech was confusing, It's the first time I upload a video to youtube and I'm brazillian so my english is not the best. SPEED INSTRUCTIONS(for those...

ASUS MS-100 USB speakers offer powerful and rich sound with complete plug and play convenience, an artistic compact design, and simple controls ― perfect for immersive notebook audio.

The ONLY guide to the best gaming laptops under 1000 you'll ever need! You won't find any better gaming laptop under 1000 than our winner. ASUS K501UX 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop (Intel Core i7 Processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Hard Drive, Windows 10 (64 bit)), Black/Silver Metal: Computers & Accessories

Asus G751J is designed to ensure a smooth experience, even when you are overclocking the GPU to the fullest.

hi, So I just bought a asus g60vx and the sound says its working and shows it working but i still dont hear anything... i tried using earphones but those did not work either. i tried watching a movi

I have had my laptop close to 2 years now. I never had a problem with my speakers before. I recently started playing Grand Theft Auto V and had no issues, but now today when I get on the speaker bu...

Hello! Two weeks ago when I downloaded and updated to windows 10 I've been having some problems, mainly with sound. For example, in chrome if im watching a video and then pause it and then come bac


Asus' Republic of Gamers series of gaming laptops have never been known for their subtlety. Generally speaking, though, the GL552VW is certainly one of the more understated laptops I've seen in this range recently, especially when you sit it down side by side with the behemoth G751JT I reviewed at the end of last year.


ASUS ROG G56 is the new flagship gaming notebooks deliver powerful 4th gen Intel® Core™ i7 processors and NVIDIA® GeForce® series graphics.

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