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Since I have not found a thread like this: Please post your Windows 10 upgrade experiences below including your model and any tips, fixes, drivers, and workarounds used. Also feel free to include your before and after benchmarks for your system and GPU. Overall feel and speed of your system, etc. MODs: Please consider creating an upgrade / install guide with latest drivers for any models you may have and add them to the sticky Thanks for the input ROGers!

The before I put in an SSD boot time Asus G51JX 12gb Ram, 1.5tb Toshiba hard drive internal 2.5" Intel Core I7 Nvidia GPU

I bought this from best buy a year or so ago and was wondering if I can upgrade the cpu? It Presently has the Core 2 Duo P7350

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To upgrade your harddrive and memory in your G50 and G51 Series notebooks, you need to be able to access the guts of the notebook. To do this you need to remove 12 screws highlighted in red to remove the bottom panel. Under the hood! As you can see there are 2 hard drives and 2 dimms for memory. Some models may only come with a single harddrive and can have a 2nd harddrive added.

I have a G51VX-X1A with the GTX260M and was looking to upgrade the graphics card. So far it looks like I should be able to go to a GTX460M but haven't been able to confirm it. Anyone done this or is it capable? Any replies are appreciated.

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Hello All, Is it possible to upgrade the GTS 360M video to something that is DX11 such as a GTX 460M? If so, how? Is it a card replacement or just a chip? Thank You in advance! - your ASUS G G51VX-RX05 memory upgrade specialist! We have all types of ASUS G G51VX-RX05 memory upgrades available in stock at low prices!

Olá a todos!Tenho um notebook da ASUS modelo G51Vx. Ele possui um processador Centrino Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz. Pretendo fazer um upgrade para Quad Core se possi...

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I have 2 questions, the motherboard says that DDR3 ram will work, is this true and if so will it support 16gb of ram i know it can support 8gb or DDR2 but thats quite...

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Havent had a single problem for an entire 4 years on Windows 7. Previously in 2010, upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista as my Asus G51vx qualified for the free upgrade. I cant remember how the upgrade